Visit La Rioja,
a Memorable Experience

Visiting La Rioja becomes a memorable experience when you choose the right hosts.

La Rioja is a unique land full of history, gastronomy, nature and wine. Come and meet her of the hand of those who take care of this territory offering their best work to Riojanos and visitors.

La Rioja Premium presents a catalogue of accommodation, gastronomy, wineries and activities that prioritise the authenticitythe roots and the service to the customer so that whichever option you choose will be a safe bet.

*Only the best rated establishments by their customers.

Enoturismo en la rioja

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Patrimonio riojano

La Rioja : Crossroads

A visit to La Rioja is to enter into one of the most strategic points in Spain. Situated between the Ebro Valley, the Iberian System and the Cantabrian Mountains, La Rioja has been since time immemorial transit area for travellers, traders and armies. 

Proof of this is the Roman road Italy - Hispania and the Camino de Santiago.

Discover the world of wineenjoy the nature wildest, deciphering its heritage or follow the footprints of huge dinosaurs are some of the reasons to visit La Rioja.

But there is an even more important reason: The human touch. Visiting La Rioja is all about strengthening ties with the people of La Rioja, getting to know its most secret corners and feeling that in some way you are part of it all.

The best rated hosts in La Rioja

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