La Rioja Premium : A safe bet

Upper Rioja


In La Rioja Premium you will only find accommodation, gastronomy, wineries and activities with outstanding ratings from customers on any of the platforms on which it is promoted.

This guarantees quality, not on the basis of theoretical standards, but on the basis of to what customers themselves value. This facilitates and speeds up the search for establishments and avoids bad experiences as all of our hosts are a safe bet. And we don't say so ourselves... Their customers say so!

Don't waste your time, now we have filtered the best options for you.

We want you to have a memorable experience in La Rioja that will leave you wanting to repeat and tell your friends about it.

Do you want to be a host in la rioja premium?

La Rioja Premium continues to grow hand in hand with its hosts, and we are particularly excited about this. welcoming new members.

First of all, make sure that the service you offer meets the following requirements basic requirements:

  1. Your business is located in La Rioja.
  2. You have an average of 4.5 out of 5 or 9 out of 10 customer reviews.

If so, do not hesitate to get in touch via the following form.

Frequently Asked Questions

La Rioja Premium helps you to find the best options to enjoy La Rioja (accommodation, gastronomy, wine tourism and activities) without losing hours and hours in the process.

In addition, if you would like us to design for you a tailor-made proposal just ask us.

At La Rioja Premium we only promote quality services that have the best customer reviews. So there are services with different price ranges, but all of them offer an excellent customer experience.

Yes, in addition to having pre-designed packs for our customers, we also we offer the possibility of creating tailor-made experiences for individuals and companies.

No. What we recommend is that you contact the establishments directly you want to book and tell them you are calling from La Rioja Premium so that they treat you like a true "Premier".

If what you need is a complete experience that includes more than one service, if you are looking for a we can create a tailor-made experience or you can take a look at the packs and gift cards.

La Rioja Premium is much more than a promotional platform. We are a club of tourist establishments that help each other to grow. If you think your business could benefit from being part of La Rioja Premium, please fill in the following form. form and we will contact you to tell you all the details.


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