Northern Spain Travel

Immersive experiences for intrepid travellers. Private tours in La Rioja

Northern Travel Private Tours in La Rioja

Northern Spain Travel offers you unique tailor-made trips in Northern Spain and La Rioja.

With their feet firmly planted in the rich culture of La Rioja, but with their sights set on the world-class quality.

We take you to deep in the region, off the beaten track, to places only a local would know.

We specialise in culinary journeys from the rustic to the rare combined with adventure and wellness, by providing comfort of luxury, Unforgettable food and wine and exquisite service.

Our mission is to bringing together the best experiences and select those that reflect the true essence of La Rioja.

Northern sun

Private Tours in La Rioja and Northern Spain

Bike Tours - Bike tours in the north of Spain

Our road cycling tours are created for avid and experienced cyclists who want to experience the breathtaking beauty of northern Spain.

Enjoy a spectacular cycling road, from the comfort of a excellent accommodation and of a exquisite cuisine.

Our road cycling trips can be customise according to experience and the wishes of the group.

We also design electric bicycle ventures.

These e-bike trails are ideal for occasional cyclists and families with younger members.

Join us for an unforgettable experience among the vineyards where we will combine cycling with history, gastronomy and culture.

Walk Tours - Walking in La Rioja

Northern Spain is plagued by interconnected networks of excellent trailsThe route has been travelled for centuries by pilgrims, merchants, shepherds, brigands and knights.

Whether the road takes us down the The Way of St. James or by old routes of shepherds, walking through the changing landscapes inspires us to breathing in the breathtaking scenery and stop to smell the sunflowers.

Food and Wine Journeys - Rioja Gastronomy

Experience real culinary adventures from the rustic to the bizarre.

We reveal the true character of the region through its many wine appellations and secret culinary gems hidden deep in the north of Spain.

The rich and varied gastronomy of Northern Spain is based on a culinary tradition that has been able to adapt to the new times with art and imagination.

With one of the best cuisines in the world, the lifestyle of La Rioja, Navarre and the Basque Country inspires a true love of life.

Northern enotourism

Stephanie and Oliver | Private Tours

Stephanie and Oliver will be your hosts on this adventure through La Rioja and will make sure that your experience is unique and unforgettable.

We are passionate about travel, crazy about the north of Spain and, above all, eager to show you the extraordinary travel experiences we have in store for you.

Northern wine

A sophisticated experience in La Rioja

La Rioja is full of magic corners that can only be discovered by those who know this region.

From Northern Travel we accompany you to discover it in a way that is sophisticated and fun.

In addition, we will create a tailor-made experience where gastronomy and Rioja wines will make the perfect pairing.

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Contact information

Location: La Rioja
Address: La Rioja
Hosts: Stephanie and Oliver
Telephone: 628601560
Area: Logroño
Private tours in La Rioja

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