Rulei Wines

Rulei, vinos de terruño en Badarán

Rulei by Adrián Moreno Llorente in Badarán

Winery located in the village of Badarán, heart of the Alto Najerilla Valley. Unique in the world for its old Garnacha vineyards.

Adrian and his father are in charge of the entire RULEI production process from the care of the vineyard to its production and sale.

Rulei Visits and Wine Tourism in Badarán

The visit to Rulei consists of walk through his vineyard El Moral, visit its artisan family winery and test their wines.

Visit and tasting: Price of bottles opened during the visit. 

(Duration: 2h)

Rulei Vineyards

Rulei Wines by Adrían Moreno | Bodega in Badarán

Rulei : Bodegas Adrián Moreno Llorente:

Rulei Barracallo Vineyard: Tempranillo and Cabernet-Sauvignon.

Powerful, masculine and full-bodied. Ideal for a good meal.

A 35 year old vineyard located in a really poor alluvial gravelly soil that demands the best from the vines and transmits this to the grapes.

Rulei Viña Marracallo: Tempranillo - Garnacha.

An amiable but exciting wine with a touch of maturity and a subtle sweetness.

The perfect blend of Tempranillo grapes from a vineyard of 35 years old and Grenache grapes from a vineyard of more than 100 years for a versatile wine suitable for all kinds of situations and tastings.

Rulei Viña El Moral: Grenache.

From a Singular Vineyard over 100 years old Rulei Viña El Moral is a demonstration of the uniqueness of the high altitude vineyards in the Najerilla Valley, which historically specialised in Garnacha vines.

A Very intense nose of black fruit and liquorice, with pencil and mint.

White and Rosé Rulei:

Rulei Viña Barracallo: Chenin Blanc.

Coming from some Chenin Blanc from Viña Barracallo, the quintessential French white variety from the Loire Valley, planted under experimental permission in 1985.

Rulei Viña El Moral: Barrel Fermented Rosé.

It comes from Viña El Moral, a vineyard with more than 100 years old, classified as Singular Vineyard by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Rioja Control Board.

A very singular and complex rosé, with the characteristic strawberry aftertaste of the wines from this vineyard. A rosé guardianship.

You can purchase any of the Rulei Wines through the Rulei website. online shop.


A family winery in the village of Badarán

Adrián Moreno Llorente, architect and graduate in Business Administration and Management, and his father, are developing since 2011 RULEI, the wine that comes from the two old vines handed down by his family, which he personally cultivates as a winegrower.

Both focus their efforts on the development of small quantities of wineThe wine is made with the care and affection that a good wine needs, so that there is no lack of care and affection. This, and the respect for the wine and the grapes, as a natural production, without artifice and sustainable viticulture, make up the RULEI philosophy.

The winery is a small, handcrafted family building of about 140 m2, built around 1890 and dug out of the earth in the traditional way in the area.

Adrian Moreno Llorente

Why Rulei? A forgotten legend

Rulei is a ruby which, according to legend, was in the crown of the Virgin of the monastery of Santa María la Real de Nájera.

After the battle of Nájera in 1367 and the failure of Peter I "the Cruel" to pay the "Black Prince", Edward of Lancaster (Prince of Wales) for his help during the Castilian civil war between him and his half-brother Henry II of Trastámara, the ruby passed into English hands.

Known since then as the "Black Prince's Rubyis the most famous spinel in the world, which has been resting since 1838 in the heart of the British Imperial Crownforged for Queen Victoria.

This precious stone inspires us with its colour and richness of nuancessensations that we try to transmit through our wine, the jewel of our hard work.

Rulei Badaran Wines

Badarán, a village in the region of Nájera in La Rioja.

Badaran is a town of 500 inhabitants just 6km from the Monasteries of Suso and Yuso in San Millán de la Cogolla.

It belongs to the Nájera region This town is 10 km away and has one of the most important most important monasteries in the region as a good number of royalty from the period in which it was built were buried in its cloister. Nájera was the capital of the Kingdom of Navarre.

With a altitude above 600 metres above sea level, this Rioja town is an ideal area for growing vines.

Opinions about Rulei by Adrián Moreno


Fretwork- Tastings- Fireplace- Garden or courtyard- Pets- Shop- Guided tours

Contact information

Localidad: Badarán
Dirección: Calle Herradero, SN
Anfitriones: Adrián
Teléfono: 679266837
Adrian Moreno Llorente

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