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Enjoy a hot-air balloon flight in La Rioja Alta

Rainbow Balloons in Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón

Flying over the Rioja vineyards from a hot air balloon.

We offer you a balloon flight in La Rioja in the surroundings of HaroThe wine capital of Rioja, and its region nestled in the Ebro Valley. A privileged area for balloon rides.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of sailing in the wind, admiring the marvellous landscapes of La Rioja. We will fly over vineyards, wheat fields, trees, the river Ebro, the Cantabria mountain range, the city of Haro and various picturesque villages in the region.... for you to witness the charm of this area of La Rioja Alta.

You will experience a unforgettable experiencefrom the moment the balloon starts to inflate until it gently touches the ground.

Rainbow balloon parking

Ballooning in La Rioja Alta

Ballooning in La Rioja

The price of the activity depends on the exclusivity of the flight.

Ballooning in La Rioja Standar:

We usually bring people from different groups together to fly, further enriching the flight by sharing the experience with other people.

In this type of flight sharingideal for people who want to live an unforgettable experience together with family, friends, couple... the price of the activity is..:

  • 205 €/persona IVA incluido.

El precio de vuelo estándar (205€) está condicionado a que en la fecha de vuelo haya un minimum group of 6 people to fly.

As most of our customers only have weekends and public holidays at their disposal, that is where we concentrate our flights. However, from May to November, we also fly on weekdays. 

There is a special rate for children up to 12 years old, que es de 165€/niño.

Private hot air balloon flight in La Rioja:

If you would like to give an unforgettable gift and fly exclusively with your partner the price is :

  • 500 €/person including VAT.

Duration of the activity

Approximately 4 hours, of which one hour and a quarter will be flying time.

This includes

  • Balloon flight of an hour and a quarter duration.
  • Diploma Air Baptism" certificate.
  • Additional services included in the above rates:
    • Cap, which will serve as a reminder and protection against the heat of the burner.
    • Toast with exquisite Cava from La Rioja at the landing site.
    • Vehicle of ground support.
    • Typical Riojan lunch, washed down with local wine.

Necessary equipment

It is advisable to carry comfortable and appropriate clothing for the time of year. The temperature in the balloon is similar to that on the surface, so there is no need to wear extra warm clothing because of the altitude. 

Ballooning in La Rioja

Hot Air Balloon Flights in La Rioja

The first step for the Rainbow Balloons team will be to check that the weather is optimal on the day of the flight and on this basis they will decide on the take-off location.

Given the wind conditions in our area, it will normally be in our facilities in Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón (Km. 459 of the National N-232).

The meeting time is usually approximately 30 minutes before dawnThe time of day varies depending on the time of year of the flight.

The reason for meeting so early is to ensure that the flight is perfectThe early hours of the morning are the best time to fly in a balloon. If we were to fly later in the day, turbulence could appear due to the influence of the sun.

Once we have met, we will make the appropriate introductions and we will launch a small balloon inflated with helium into the atmosphere.to check the intensity and direction of the wind at different heights.

The iBalloon inflation It will take approximately 20 minutes and we will be ready to take off and start enjoying a unique experience: ballooning in La Rioja.

The feeling of "get off the ground". is really pleasant and during the first few minutes of the flight many people are captivated by it. There is silence, which is only interrupted from time to time by the noise of the burner, the mechanism that heats the air inside the balloon and makes the balloon rise.

This burner gives off heat, so at the start of the flight we will give you one of these burners. cap which will serve both as a souvenir and as a useful protection against the heat.

After the first few minutes, curiosity and interest in the operation of the balloon is usually aroused. The pilots will be in charge of answer all your questionsWe sail inches above the ground or contemplate the meanders of the Ebro River at 4500 feet altitude.

We will continue to fly at the mercy of the wind until the pilot arrives at the place where we will be flying. landing. Based on his extensive experience, he will give instructions to the passengers and gently lower the balloon to just a few centimetres above the ground and land. Immediately after landing, we will carry out the tradition by performing a toast with cava to celebrate such a special occasion as flying in a balloon.

The activity of air transport of passengers by balloon will end at the moment of landing at our destination, however, we offer a service included in the standard rate, to our facilities where we will be prepared with a lunch composed of poached eggs with tomato, accompanied by Iberian sausage and garden tomato salad in the centre. Of course, all garnished with a good Rioja wine.

During lunch we will comment on the sensations we have perceived during the flight, and we will give you an accreditation diploma that we call "Air Baptismwhich certifies that you have flown with us and have experienced this extraordinary experience.

Rainbow Balloons

The ballooning experience

Our pilots are professionals authorised by aeronautical organisations to carry out balloon flights with passengers (CPB), a form of commercial air transport using hot air balloons.

With a wide experience in the world of aerospace, Ivan is currently European runner-up, number 1 in the ranking and member of the Spanish national team. On the other hand, Oscar holds the Spanish record distance in hot-air balloons, with 476 km, and has flown over large mountains such as the Kilimanjaroin Tanzania.

Ballooning in La Rioja

Haro and its region of picturesque villages

The facilities of Globos Arcoiris are located in Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón, in the town of Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón. picturesque village 12km from Haro.

During the balloon flight you will be able to enjoy the entire the Haro region with its landscapes, vineyards, villages and natural and heritage charms.

Enjoying this scenery from the air is a unique experience which is worth living at least once in a lifetime.

On your visit to the area we invite you to continue discovering it "with your feet on the ground". visiting every corner and enjoying its exquisite wines and gastronomy.

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Contact information

Locality: Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón
Address: N-232 Km 459
Hosts: Óscar and Marta
Telephone: 696489632
Ballooning in La Rioja

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