Bathing areas in la rioja

The best outdoor swimming areas in La Rioja | Natural Pools

Although it is an inland region, La Rioja has numerous bathing areas where you can enjoy a nice dip in summer.

If you go through its peoples You will soon discover that each one has its own bathing area where children and adults gather in the summer season.

In addition, many of the towns in La Rioja have municipal swimming pools, however, in this post we will show you how to use them.e reveal 7 outdoor bathing areas in La Rioja.

True natural pools that you can enjoy in summer, and even in some cases also in winter, as is the case with the first of them.

1. Las Pozas de Arnedillo, natural hot springs

Pools of Arnedillo

Las Pozas de Arnedillo is probably the most famous bathing area in La Rioja for its uniqueness, as it is a natural hot spring. open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year of the year that anyone can enjoy free of charge.

The Arnedillo pools are located at the Cidacos river, where thermal waters with medicinal properties spring up known as far back as the time when the Romans settled in La Rioja. Being these waters used for bathing and appreciated for their health-promoting characteristics and composition.

The 3 pools temperatures can exceed 50 degrees CelsiusSome people prefer to go down to the river and look for the hot current betas with a more comfortable temperature for them.

In this area of the river there are other pools rudimentary ones created by the bathers themselves.

No doubt about it, a unique place to bathe in La Rioja that you can enjoy at any time.

2. Reservoir of El Rasillo : González Lacasa Reservoir in La Rioja

El Rasillo reservoir

The González Lacasa Reservoir is located in the heart of the Sierra Riojana de Camero Nuevo. with access from the villages of El Rasillo and Ortigosa de Cameros. It has a sailing club open during the summer months.

The El Rasillo reservoir enjoys a privileged environment in the heart of nature with a fabulous pine forest that shelters bathers and strollers from the sun.

Who said that La Rioja does not have blue tourism? We have it and the González Lacasa reservoir is a clear example of this.

The perfect place to enjoy a picnic day in a group, as a couple, with children or alone.

Rincón de Soto
Santo Domingo de la Calzada

3. Paraje El Viano in Haro, a path to bathe in the river Tirón.

Bathing areas in La Rioja

It is a well-known fact that the Haro river passes through Haro Ebro RiverIt is suitable for bathing during the summer, as the flow of water is calm and calm.

However, there is another, less intimidating river which, before flowing into the Ebro, runs in the vicinity of Haro. el Tirón.

At the site of El Viano there is a picnic area with tables from which a path begins downstream which reaches the area of El Ferial in Haro.

This trail of just 1 kilometre offers picturesque bathing areas where you will not only want to swim, but also want to shoot your camera.

Some of these areas even have clay walls which some bathers take the opportunity to spread over their bodies in search of all its benefits.

Are you up for a dip in the Tirón?

Santo Domingo de la Calzada
Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón

4. Puente Romano del Priorato, a bathing area in Cihuri.

Roman Bridge of Cihuri

It's not every day that you can jump into the water from a Roman bridge with 2000 years of history.

We continue on the river Tirón, this time, upstream as it passes through the village of Cihuri where in the 2nd century the Romans erected the a bridge that has survived to the present day in perfect condition.

From this bridge the most daring jump every summer to the waters of the river Tirón, which flows calmly creating a natural pool surrounded by millenary history.

But if you are one of those who prefer to get into the water gradually you don't need to jump, You can do it quietly from any of the riverbanks.

Given that this bathing area is located in the town centre of the village itself usually has a large number of bathers throughout the summer.

5. Ra Bridge Waterfalls

Puente Ra La Rioja Sierra Cebollera

Immersed in the Sierra Cebollera Natural Park the Cascadas de Puente Ra waterfalls are located.

To get there you can enjoy a 6.26km circular route and a drop of 317 metres with no technical difficulty.

The Puente Ra waterfalls are a bathing area in La Rioja of exceptional beautyBut don't expect the water to be lukewarm, as a good waterhole in the middle of the Sierra, the water runs as clean as it is fresh.

Don't forget your camera (or your swimming costume).

6. Sources of the Restoration in the Río Leza Gorge

We go into the Camero Viejo to enjoy the views offered by the Canyon of the River Leza.

Following the road, you will reach Leza de Río Leza where, next to the quarry, you will see the beginning of a new road. The Path of the Sources of the Restoration a fun bathing area in La Rioja linking the villages of Leza and Soto en Cameros.

During the tour you will find bridges, pools and waterfalls. This is an out-and-back route where you can find your own bathing area.

7. Pozas del Gollizo a more unknown bathing area in La Rioja

We finish the list with a bathing area in the Jubera Valley, one of the most unknown and hidden places of La Rioja. However, here is a good reason to visit the area.

In the small town of Robres del Castillo there are some pools where you can bathe in a natural environment of great beautyPozas del Gollizo, also called Pozas del Bullizo.

To reach them you must follow the LR-261 road and just past Robres del Castillo you will find these natural pools.

Up to here the 7 bathing areas in La Rioja that you can enjoy this summer scattered all over La Rioja. Although, as always, we invite you to walk around every corner in search of your ideal bathing area.

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