Photography in La Rioja of Enotourism

Wine tourism in La Rioja : Wineries and wine-related activities

The main tourist attraction of La Rioja comes from the fact of being the oldest Designation of Origin in Spain, founded in 1925. However, in La Rioja, the wine culture has been developing for more than a century. 2000 years.

This has led to the Rioja brand is closely related to the world of wine and what in recent years has come to be known as the wine tourism.

But... What is wine tourism in La Rioja? Tasting wines, seeing wineries, understanding the winemaking process?

The truth is that wine tourism in La Rioja is all this and more. much more.

We accompany you to discover it.

1. What is enotourism or wine tourism?

According to the RAE wine tourism is on tourism in wine-growing and wine-producing areas, with visits to vineyards and wineries and wine tasting.

As is often the case, the definition has become obsolete and nowadays we can say that wine tourism includes a wide range of services which, although having wine as its epicentre, expands through many other activities.

  • Wine tourism is visiting a winery.
  • Wine tourism is wine tasting.
  • Wine tourism means listening to the explanations of a winegrower at the foot of the vineyard.
  • Wine tourism means enjoying a carefully paired lunch or dinner.
  • Wine tourism is a walk through the vineyards.
  • Wine tourism is a route by bike, quad or kayak enjoying the landscape surrounded by vineyards.
  • Wine tourism means flying in a light aircraft and enjoying the Riojan landscape from the air.
  • Wine tourism is wine therapy.
  • Wine tourism means going out for tapas.
  • Wine tourism means photographing our landscapes.
  • Enotourism is seeing people working in the countryside.

Wine tourism in La Rioja is, in short, let yourself get drunk for the world of wine in any of its forms and discover all it has to offer.

Wine tourism in la rioja

1.1. Wine tourism in La Rioja

The fact that it is the oldest designation of origin in Spain has contributed to the fact that La Rioja is a region that has been teaching for decades to tourists and visitors which is the way of life of a large part of the people of La Rioja.

Around the wineries and cultivation areas have proliferated accommodation of all kinds: hotels, rural houses and flats, as well as companies of all kinds: hotels, rural houses and flats, as well as companies of services aimed at accompanying the visitor to enjoy the region in a more profound and often fun way: active tourism, tour guides, light aircraft... And other important services for tourists such as museums, visits to monasteries and historical monumentsshops, shops selling local productsetc.

A whole ecosystem that feeds back and grows to offer visitors the best wine tourism experience in La Rioja.

2. Wine tourism in La Rioja : Which wineries to visit?

What leaves no room for doubt is that when you arrive in La Rioja visit a wineryto know first hand how wine is made and learning about this fascinating world is a must.

In a designation of origin with hundreds of wineries it is not always easy to identify which one will be chosen.

That's why at La Rioja Premium we help you make this selection, because on our platform you will only find outstanding wineries with the best wineries in the world. top ratings by its visitors.

2.1. Bodegas Betolaza en Briones uno de los pueblos más bonitos de España

At Betolaza Winery you can enjoy the wine tourism in La Rioja in its purest form from the essence of a family winery with several generations dedicated to the world of wine.

Among its experiences is the option of visit the winery, to carry out the tasting at the family background, and even rent that draft to be able to enjoy it with your people.

The visits are carried out by the owners of the winery who in turn care for the vineyards that produce a range of unique and special wines.

2.2. Bodegas Valenciso la unión de dos apellidos

Valenciso is a Unique Rioja winery located in the town of Ollauri, where Carmen and Luis make an innovative wine, without losing the origin of the area. Rioja Alta.

The most modern of classics, the most classical of moderns is the definition we like best.

There is the option of a group or private visit, in Castilian or English.

In Valenciso they were pioneers in the realisation of wine tourism activities, a tradition they maintain every summer by carrying out a series of experiences both in the winery itself and in collaboration with other establishments in the area.

In addition to offering a wine bar service during the month of August during the hours of Thursday to Friday from 12h to 15h and from 18h to 20:30h and on Saturdays from 12h to 15h.

2.3. Bodegas Fernández Eguíluz en Ábalos

Las Abejas Cave Press

Fernández Eguíluz Winery is a family-run winery located in the village of Ábalos where carbonic maceration wines are produced.

In Fernández Eguíluz a trip to the countryside visiting vineyards and heritage of great ethnographic value. with anyone who so wishes, by appointment.

This is where we count our annual cycle, we visit cave huts and winepresses We will then go to the small family winery where we will taste the wines which, of course, will be different every year, expressing the conditions experienced.

2.4. Bodegas Ilurce en Alfaro La Rioja Oriental

Winery in Eastern Rioja

Ilurce Winery is a family winery located in the town of Alfaro, the easternmost part of La Rioja.

From there have been making their wines and tending their vineyards for decades.

They offer a tasting visit for those who wish to learn more about the world of wine, the winery and its wines.

2.5. Rulei By Adrián Moreno Llorente en Badarán

Rulei Vineyards

Rulei is located in the village of Badarán, heart of the Alto Najerilla Valley. Unique in the world for its old Garnacha vineyards.

Adrian and his father are in charge of the entire RULEI production process from the care of the vineyard to its production and sale.

During his visit a tour of the vineyard, the family winery and wine tasting. In this way, the entire winemaking process is known from the vine to the glass.

3. Gastronomy and wine tourism in La Rioja

Wine is food and if you also accompany it with good gastronomy becomes a unique experience for all the senses.

The gastronomic culture in La Rioja has an important wide variety of typical dishes ranging from the traditional to the most modern. Riojan cuisine is based on high quality products, with an emphasis on the use of local meats, vegetables and olive oil.


3.1. A region with a gastronomic star

La Rioja has a total of 7 Michelin stars in 6 restaurants. Some of them in Logroño, the capital of La Rioja, and others in the more rural areas of La Rioja.

In addition, there are numerous establishments with other recognitions: soletes repsol, Michelin guide, etc.

And of course, the restaurants belonging to La Rioja Premium, a safe betThey have the best ratings from their customers.

All of them, places where you will feel at home, attended by real professionals and where you will be able to enjoy a great meal paired with great Rioja wines.

3.2. Tapas areas par excellence for enjoying wine tourism in La Rioja

In La Rioja there is a long tradition of going out for tapas or, as many say, "to have a few wines". Which is nothing more than enjoying have a glass of wine with a delicious tapa and, if possible, in good company.

Famous in Logroño are its tapas areas par excellence: Calle Laurel and Calle San Juan. Or La Herradura in Haro, although each town has its own.

4. Active wine tourism | Activities to enjoy in La Rioja

By now it will have become clear to you that oenotourism is much more than wine tastingIt is much more than just enjoying the gastronomy.

Enotourism is also enjoy the landscape of La Rioja that each season shows a completely different picture. The greenery of spring, the grapes gaining weight in summer, the colours of autumn and austere winter.

4.1. Active tourism for touring La Rioja and its landscapes

For those who prefer to enjoy the territory from the mainland, they can opt to take a quad biking, 4×4 or renting a bike or electric bike. and enter the territory step by step.

If water is your thing, perhaps a kayak route The Ebro River will make you enjoy the territory on the calm waters of the largest river in Spain.

You will be assisted by our member Ojasport.

4.2. La Rioja from the air | Ballooning

Discover wine tourism in La Rioja from the air with a peaceful balloon flight.

They have prepared a unique experience in Rainbow Balloons.

San Vicente de la Sonsierra

5. What can I do in La Rioja apart from wine tourism?

If you have already visited La Rioja on other occasions and would like to discover other of its charms, or simply enjoy everything this region has to offer apart from wine (something that will not be easy) we highlight 3 options.

5.1. The La Rioja mountain range and its nature

The Sierra de la Rioja is not within the designation of origin, in fact it shows a very different landscape and economy.

Here it is easy to find you cows and horses roaming freely, both on farms and on the mountain roads themselves, from where you will discover spectacular landscapes.

The park of The Cebollera Mountainsto go through the villages of Cameros or go up to the San Lorenzo peak can be a good alternative for mountain climbers.

Our host in the sierra is: Entrebosques in El Rasillo de Cameros.

Discover The Riojan Mountains.

5.2. Riojan historical and cultural heritage

Monastery of Valvanera La Rioja

La Rioja is full of historical and cultural heritage from the Romans to the present day.

In each village you can discover churches, chapels, small palaces, and if you dig a little deeper, great personalities of the past. historical renown.

If you don't know where to start to discover our past we recommend you visit these medieval monasteries.

5.3. Rural tourism in the towns of La Rioja

La Rioja is an eminently rural province. Full of charming little villages you'll love to stroll through.

We have already recommended you to discover the villages of La Sierra, and you can also take a look at these ones villages near Logroñoto the area of the Ocón Valley and these villages in the Haro region.

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